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Give Your Novel Structure

Give Your Novel Structure Story structure is the basic framework for the story.   How it’s constructed is down the writer, but to give your novel a good structure, you need to know all the working elements of a great story – a tight plot, underlying themes, unforgettable characters, an exciting beginning, escalating action, drama, conflict, emotion, plot twists and, of course, a satisfactory ending. The narrative structure should allow the reader to understand what is happening to the characters and understand why the story is happening by using an almost invisible step process. Most people think of story structure as a three-act type of framework – the beginning, the middle and the end, but that’s quite vague and doesn’t truly capture the different aspects.   Story structure doesn’t have to be very complicated. A basic narrative framework follows a general pattern, something that has a catalyst - an instigating incident that starts the story, followed by escalating actions as