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Reasons Why We Write – Part 2

We continue our look at the reasons why we write and the characteristics that make us so distinct.     We all have specific reasons why we write, and not everyone does it for egotistical or monetary reasons, or the need to be the centre of attention.   Some people write for the simple enjoyment of telling stories. I write because I just want to entertain Who doesn’t?   Money or fame isn’t so important to this type, just so long as someone, somewhere, reads what they have written and enjoys it.   These writers like to know that what they’ve written interests the reader, that it makes an impact somehow.   Their satisfaction comes from this knowledge. These types may not be as serious as the ones who are driven by the raw love of writing, but they enjoy the process nonetheless.   These types are usually great short story writers; they instinctively know what their readers want, they seem to tune into it.   The result is an entertaining good read. I write because I

Reasons Why We Write – Part 1

This is a light-hearted look at the reasons why we write.   Every writer is individual, so are their reasons for writing.   Some of us do it for pleasure, some of us do it for money, some of us do it to entertain and some of us do it to make sense of the world around us.     Some of us do it because it helps with our problems to turn situations into stories.   And of course, some of us do it for other reasons.   There are probably way too many to mention them all, but certainly some of the main ones relate to most of us. Being a writer isn’t all about sitting back and tapping away on a keyboard and letting the words do it all for you.   It’s one of the hardest, loneliest jobs in the world.   It takes a certain kind of dedication and selfishness to shut oneself away to work, meaning spouses, children, family and friends come second.   It takes days, months or even years.   And not all writers can go the distance. So, why do we write? You might recognise yourself in many

The Power of Words

It’s easy to write a novel, and just as easy to write short stories, anyone can do it, can’t they? Well, not quite.   Anyone can write a novel or churn out short stories, but not all writers can actually write well, so whether they are any good is down to the talent and capability of the writer.   Those who think that it’s an easy process need a stark reality check, because writing fiction is an often difficult, problem-filled, labour intensive job, and they don’t always appreciate how complex writing can be. In reality, the love of the written word is very much ingrained in those who want to write.   There also has to be a modicum of flair and ability to begin with.   For some, writing has been in their blood since childhood.   This means that not everyone can simply wake up one day and decide to be a writer.   It takes talent, dedication and a lot of hard work. And writing isn’t just about churning out as many words as possible and making it all kind of make sense eit